About us

“All that one needs to do is start a ripple. If we keep it up, our little ripples will combine into a tsunami of epic proportions.”
Digital Ripples Technologies was founded with the vision of creating ripples using digital technology that eventually combine with other ripples to create transformational tsunami for the world.The founding team brings several years of international experience in consumer technology and enterprise that is leveraged to provide impactful solutions to meet business goals. At Digital Ripples Technologies, we are striving to solve the problem of businesses to be able to bring non-linearity in growth as well as cost to serve using conversational AI based virtual assistants, mainly chatbots and voice assistants. The company’s focus is to create solutions with empathetic design practices and create a tighter linkage to the business outcomes by adapting and applying the available deep tech. We cater to enterprises (large and small) as well as to individuals (professionals, influencers) across industries. Key use cases that the company has worked in are in conversational marketing, conversational commerce, customer service and interactive digital content consumption.